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Source Sauce is a replacement out-of-game utility for the in-game options menu of Source Games.

Source Sauce works exactly the same as the in-game options menu of Source Games such as the highly proclaimed Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source but features extra options not found in the options menu. It also allows you to save the configuration and lets you set the options for Source games that you are downloading.

But the biggest feature of Source Sauce is that it allows you to set the same options for all Source games with one press on the button! There is no more need to change the video options game by game when you get a new graphics card or want to set a new sensitivity for your new mouse.


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  • Set video, audio, multiplayer, mouse and a lot more settings once in Source Sauce and apply it to one or multiple Source games with one press on the button;
  • Save the settings for future use (apply the same settings to a new game);
  • Add additional vars you want to set in a config file and Sauce will set them for your games;
  • Already set the settings while downloading Source games.


  • Microsoft.Net 2.0 Framework installed;
  • Steam installed;
  • Started at least one source game.


  • Q. How come Source Sauce does not detect Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines & Left 4 Dead?
  • A. Although officially Source games, the way Bloodlines and L4D are distributed on Steam is incompatible with Source Sauce. These games will be added in a future release.

  • Q. I have a game that is not detected by Source Sauce, any way to still set the settings?
  • A. Yes. In the File Menu under options enable "Search in Profile Folders". It will search for undetected Source games in all Steam user folders and add them to the games list.

  • Q. What does setting X do?
  • A. Most settings are explained in a little more detail when hovering the mouse over the text or input field.

  • Q. Does your program take into account that some games do not have all features that you can set in Sauce?
  • A. Yes, games are linked to a "build". These builds tell Sauce which settings are available for a certain game. So no unnecessary junk will be added to your registry or config files. You can customize these settings by editing games.xml and builds.xml.

  • Q. How can I get the latest version or detection file for Source Sauce?
  • A. In the File Menu under options enable "Check for updates". Source Sauce will now check for new versions and new detection files at start up.

  • Q. Does your program contain a virus or cheat?
  • A. Source Sauce only changes your video settings in the registry and creates sauce.cfg and sauce_custom.cfg files in the cfg directory of Source games. Download from this official site to be sure that the program is not altered to contain a virus or cheat.

Check Source Sauce for virus at


  • This program is in no way associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation.

  • Use this program at your own risk. The creator cannot be held responsible for any damages.

  • Distribution of this program is free but please contact the creator when you mirror or publish Source Sauce. You can contact the creator by clicking on "Contact" in the "Help" File Menu.


Version Information
V1 -Initial Release.

V2 -Update: Made Source Sauce more compact and 800x600 resolution friendlier
-Update: Made some adjustments for custom themes
-Update: Rearranged tabs for more setting options
-Update: "new preset" file menu sets more generic options instead of the lowest options
-Update: GraphicsCard selection screen with more info to explain the problem
-Fixed: Antialiasing not setting right value for most games
-Fixed: Textures not setting to very high
-Fixed: Voice Enable not setting wanted value
-Removed: Bloom option, does not work in Source games
-Added: Option to delete all custom config files made by Source Sauce (sauce.cfg and sauce_custom.cfg)
-Added: All options now have checkboxes so you can choose which settings to set and which ones not (right click on checkbox to check or uncheck all on current tab)
-Added: Nvidia only AntiAliasing modes
-Added: new setting options for: Field of View (requires cheats to be on), Cheats, Singleplayer Difficulty, Simple Backgrounds, No video intro, Spray